I'm Chris Armstrong: a student, freelance writer, designer, IT consultant and musician living in Bournemouth, England.

I study Product Design (BSc) at Bournemouth University, working with businesses like Anglepoise and B&Q to create elegantly simple solutions to complex design engineering problems.

I’ve recently focused more heavily on software and its design.

I founded Chasing Perfection in December 2011. Since then, articles have been featured on Loop Insight, Hacker News, Techmeme and reddit, to name just a few.

I’ve also written for TidBITS, The Industry, The Tech Block and have been interviewed about the way I use computers.


I use Twitter a lot. Following me there will probably improve your life. It's also a great place to get in contact with me about something written here:


I go with the username “cgarmstrong” wherever possible. You should be able to find me if you search. Here's a handy list of other places I frequent, complete with links:

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