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Product Design BSc Final Year Project

The final year of university consisted of designing a product to solve a problem. The problem I tackled was encouraging the use of shorter showers to conserve water. This need became clear to me whilst travelling through California in Summer 2016 during its sixth year of drought.

The placement year I spent working at Jigsaw Design provided me insight into bathroom and residential design which really helped throughout the year.

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Once fully designed and defended before a panel of university lecturers, a fully working prototype was created and presented at the 2017 Design and Engineering Show at Bournemouth University. The BSc aspect of my degree was determined by my product’s complex electronics and programming to achieve its desired function. Other modules in the final year of my degree are Advanced Technology and Business Development. Some of my favourite parts of the final year were the study of stress concentration, fracture mechanics, stress intensity factors, fatigue, corrosion and electrical engineering as part of Advanced Technology.

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Finished Prototype

Design Stages