Why I Love Twitter and Barely Tolerate Facebook

Matt Haughey writes about why he prefers Twitter over Facebook:

Twitter is a steady stream of mostly joy and makes my life better. Facebook is filled with people I barely know, chain-emails and disaster news about the sky falling that reminds me of my own past as well as my “friends” at every turn. The Internet is here today and all about tomorrow, and I prefer my social media to reflect that, and that’s why I love Twitter.

As a writer, I'm a little frustrated that Matt wrote this article before I did. I've had similar thoughts about the way these two social networks coexist for a few months, but getting these thoughts written down was a challenge. This article does it extremely well, in a concise and personal way.

The more I use Twitter, the happier I feel.

The more I use Facebook, the more miserable I feel.

It's as simple as that.