More Siri Gold

As a quick addition to my “Efficiency with Siri” piece last week, here’s another case where Siri can accomplish something not otherwise possible on iOS: informing how many days have passed since a given date.

To Siri: “How many days have passed since 28 June 1992?”

A WolframAlpha card is displayed with the number of days I’ve been alive. As I described in my piece last week, obtaining this number to copy—if you wish to work with or manipulate the result without transcribing—is possible albeit fiddly:

First, install the free WolframAlpha Viewer app and the paid WolframAlpha app. Then, once Siri presents the answer to you, tap the WolframAlpha icon in the bottom corner of the displayed card. You’ll be taken to the result in WolframAlpha’s app. In order to copy the result, tap the small, double arrow next to the result you wish to copy, then tap the result itself. The result will be copied into the search field at the top of the WolframAlpha app. From there, it’s simple to just select and manipulate it.