John Gruber, Dan Benjamin, Neven Mrgan, 5by5 and Humility

I kinda stepped in it yesterday.

I originally decided to not write anything about John Gruber's sudden departure from 5by5. But after I got blocked on Twitter by Neven Mrgan (coincidentally a host on a Mule Radio podcast — the network John moved The Talk Show to), I changed my mind. Things need clearing up.

I was a little on-edge regarding what happened with John's move of The Talk Show; I have a strange sense of loyalty to 5by5. That, coupled with the character limit of Twitter skewed what I meant to convey with my tweets. I'll try and explain my concerns again more accurately now.

I hate injustice. I hate it so much in fact, that over the years it's got me into a lot of trouble. Injustice is — quite simply — bullshit. My initial reaction to John's sudden departure from 5by5 was unpleasant, because it seemed as if Dan Benjamin had been unfairly subjected to injustice. My heckles were raised and I wanted to defend Dan. I felt he had been hurt by the move and didn't deserve to have been.

Before I could say something stupid, I decided to see what people I respect thought about John's move. Most of the people I respect are fortunately smart enough to not get themselves dragged into a battle about something like this, so they didn't comment much. I eventually ended up on reddit.

The comments I found there seemed to generally back up how I feel:

I think Gruber could have really done himself a favor by allowing Dan to make one last "send-off" episode wishing him well.

A lot of drama came from Mule Radio (via Mike) and give people a hard time for caring.

Now it's hard for me to take Mule Radio seriously.

From what I can gather, Dan Benjamin was treated unfairly in this move — but, despite this, he behaved with a level of class and humility far beyond what was necessary. I have great respect for him because of that.

I hope John invites Dan to be a guest on The Talk Show to discuss this amicably. The awkwardness which surrounds this situation would dissolve if that happened.

I had no right to say unfair things to associates of the Mule Radio Syndicate, and I regret what I said. I had hoped that Neven, being a Mule Radio host, may have been able to shed some new light on the situation, but I should have acted with more tact.

I'm sorry for acting inappropriately, Neven. I will try to think more before I tweet, like the smart people I follow did. I unnecessarily provoked you with my tweets and I'm ashamed of what I said.