Stop to Think

Look at the technology we had 200 years ago. Now look at the iPhone in your pocket today.

Realise that this massive technological advancement is only increasing. At an increasing rate.

It's incredible.

To steal a line from Jason Silva, one of my favourite inspirational speakers, we really don't need time lapse photography to see the amazing changes happening in our world today.

The iPhone in your pocket is a thousand times smaller, a thousand times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful than a billion dollar supercomputer from the 1960s. That's over a billion-fold increase in price and performance.

That is not stopping.

And yet, here we are, worrying about the market share of a mobile device or whether Apple or Google ships a 3D maps product first.

Why don't we just suddenly snap out of this trance we're in and realise that we're living in the future, today? We can talk to our phones, read newspapers on portable panes of glass and pay for coffees by touching a piece of plastic to a screen.

We're all human beings living on the same planet. Yet we're exploring space — even tweeting from The International Space Station.

We have the world in the palm of our hand and yet we don't seem to realise it.

So, today, I beg of you: stop to think about where you've been placed in the time and space of our universe. Realise what we have around us is mind-blowingly unbelievable and fantastic at the same time. And make the most of everything you do.