New Asus PCs will Ship with Leap Motion Gesture Control Technology

This is certainly a win for the Leap Motion folks — but it remains to be seen how the technology will be used in Asus PCs. Will it just be another unwanted and bundled feature?

Leap Motion seems like a really cool idea, but there needs to be at least one “killer use-case” in order for it to really take off. Right now there isn’t one.

I’m still waiting for consumer units to ship, so friends of mine who’ve pre-ordered can report back and let me know how they’re using theirs. I’d hate for the Leap Motion to just be a gimmicky albeit cool demo. In order for it to be more than just an impressive trick, there needs to be awesome software.

In order to help awesome software get developed, the Leap Motion folks are shipping developer units in big numbers. There are certainly some cool demos on the Leap YouTube channel — but nothing which screams “I want this!”

I hope that changes soon.