Review: Chronicle for iOS and OS X

Bill management and reminder software will never be sexy, but the folks behind Chronicle are doing all they can to make it useful. I reviewed the software suite for The Industry.

If you’ve never used any kind of software to remind you about due bills (I hadn’t before using Chronicle), you could do worse than starting here.

Sleevenote for iOS

I wrote a pretty great review of Sleevenote for iOS for The Industry, even if I do say so myself.

In short, this is an app for music lovers who really care deeply about their collection. The interface is noteworthy: with a completely black background and no UI chrome at all, the artwork of your albums becomes the interface. I'm a big fan.

(If you read Chasing Perfection because you're an audiophile like myself, be sure to read on to find out how I use Sleevenote on my iOS devices. I use it with iTunes Match in a pretty clever way.)

An App to Help Solve My Email Problem

I wrote a review of Triage for iPhone for The Industry:

The Email Problem

”I receive way too many emails every single day. I can’t even read a few of them because I feel bad ignoring the others. I wish there was a way to quickly trash the crap and get to the good bits I really want to deal with.”

Sound familiar? Perhaps Triage is the first-aid you need.

FX Photo Studio for Mac Review

I reviewed FX Photo Studio for Mac over at The Industry. Since the review was published, I’ve been using the Pro version, too. I’ve found the Pro version to have better performance and I’ve enjoyed the extra image adjustments available.

If you’d like a pretty great image editor for Mac, read on.

Sunrise for iPhone Launches

I had the pleasure of reviewing this new app over at The Industry. Whilst it isn’t replacing Fantastical on my phone, it’s a great app which I can see many people enjoying:

If an event has an address associated with it, Sunrise offers to give you directions. This is a feature I’ve wanted in a calendar app for as long as I can remember. There’s even a preference to choose between Apple or Google Maps services, provided you have Google Maps installed on your iPhone. This saves me a lot of time — I no longer have to remember an address and copy it into Maps from my Calendar. It’s all much more seamless.