Orange Tiny Terror Combo: My Tone

I've had this Tiny Terror Combo (the 12" variety) for a couple of months now and I adore it. I'm working on a full review, but until then, here's a quick preview of some of the tones available through the amp.

My favourite feature of this valve amp is how I can roll back the volume knob on my guitar to get a clean tone. My only previous experience with guitar amps has been with the solid state variety, and boy, this blows them all away.

Throughout this entire recording, the only effects I use are a Cry Baby Wah pedal (you'll be able to figure out where that kicks in) and a BOSS Blues Driver pedal for some extra punch. I only use the Blues Driver pedal for a small section around the Muse-esque part of the following recording. Almost all of the recording was solely with the amp, and different settings on my Ibanez guitar.

I hope you can excuse both my awful playing and the not-so-great quality of this recording. Believe it or not, this was recorded on my iPhone 5. I'm planning to pick up a more professional microphone in the coming months, but this will have to do for now.

These are the settings on the amp. I didn't change any throughout the entire recording. I've experimented a lot, but find that these work best for me.

If you're looking for a more in-depth look at Orange amps (or anything guitar related), I highly recommend RobChappers' YouTube channel. Especially this Orange Tiny Terror series video and this Jim Root Dark Terror video. The audio in RobChappers' well-produced reviews is much higher quality than mine.