Improve Speed and Accuracy of Touch ID

I just learned a sweet way to improve Touch ID on an iOS device. This trick appears to actually increase the fingerprint information saved to your device, which results in both faster unlocking and the ability to increase the area of your fingerprint that Touch ID recognises. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode
  2. Ensure you only have one copy of each finger added. (I used to add my right and left thumbs twice to improve recognition. There is no need for this now due to this trick.)
  3. When the fingerprint you want to improve is added, simply rest that finger on the sensor as if you’re unlocking your device. You’ll see its name pulse grey to confirm recognition.
  4. Keep doing this, imagining the sensor taking a picture of your fingerprint each time it pulses grey. 

You can prove this trick works by immediately trying the very bottom of your fingerprint and seeing that Touch ID fails to recognise it. If you then try the centre of your finger and slowly work your way down, it will add the necessary data in steps until it detects your finger.

In typical Apple fashion, this advanced feature is only there if you’re looking for it. I’m glad it’s been discovered and I’m even more happy that I no longer need my thumbs added twice.

Stop Typekit Fonts Appearing Until They’re Loaded

This is a simple little trick that fixes a major annoyance for me. Most websites using Typekit fonts take a second or so longer to load — and before they’re fully loaded, any underlined areas show up incorrectly for moment.

It’s hard to notice on the desktop, but much more obvious on mobile. This simple piece of CSS code hides all text that’s using a Typekit font (so all text on Chasing Perfection), until the typeface is loaded.

The specific CSS code I added to my CSS here is as follows:

.wf-loading {
    visibility: hidden;
.wf-active {
    visibility: visible;

Check out Typekit’s guide before trying this on your own site, but it’s fairly simple to implement and solves a little annoyance.

Fighting Spam Callers on the iPhone

Whilst it isn’t possible to completely block numbers from calling an iPhone, David Smith has some tricks to help manage unwanted callers. Very clever:

You can’t prevent your phone from responding to a call (without crazy jailbreak hacks) but you can control how it responds.

Setting Up Google Verified Authorship with Squarespace 6

Squarespace updates itself surprisingly regularly, which is one of my favourite features of the platform — so long as the updates are improvements. So far, they all have been.

Google Verified Authorship is having your Google+ account tied to your Squarespace account. It’s fairly simple to set up, but I found the instructions provided in the “account settings” area of Squarespace to be quite confusing. The support team provided me with a link to this easy guide. If you’re running Squarespace 6 and would like to help improve your SEO, here’s what you have to do. It’s simple.